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Javier Robeto, B.Sc. Javier Robeto, B.Sc.

Country Manager ““ Argentina-Chile

Javier Robeto is a, trilingual (Spanish, English, German) Argentine geologist with over 10 years’ involvement within the mining industry.

In 2003, while a student at the Universidad Nacional de San Juan in San Juan Argentina, Javier worked for 4 months in the exploration department at AngloGold Ashanti’s Cerro Vanguardia low-sulphidation Au Mine in Patagonia, Argentina. During his time there Javier was responsible for logging diamond drill holes and marking that core for sampling. Javier also was involved with surface bedrock geological mapping at 1:1000 and 1:5000 scales. In 2005, Javier completed his undergraduate thesis on the geology, structure and geochemistry of the Mangas 2 vein system, one of the more important high-grade Au ore-bodies in the Cerro Vanguardia district.

Javier joined Minera Antares Argentina S.A. in September of 2004 and since then has been actively involved in all aspects of project management including; geological mapping, core logging, supervision of sampling crews, and detailed trench mapping at Antares’ Rio Grande project. In 2007, Javier was promoted to Project Manager of the Rio Grande Project and moved on to the same position on the Haquira project in Southern Peru directing the drill program through the scoping phase of the project. The Haquira project ultimately sold to First Quantum Minerals for C$650 million in December 2010.

Mariano Poodts, B.Sc. Mariano Poodts, B.Sc.

Senior Geologist

Mariano is a bilingual geologist (Spanish and English). Mariano received his B.Sc. degree from the “Universidad Nacional de Salta” in Salta, Argentina in 2009. He completed his undergraduate thesis on the “Geology and petrography of the Lindero Project” in Salta province Argentina.

Mariano has eight years’ experience working in Argentina, Peru and Chile. From 2005 to middle 2007, he worked for Mansfield Minera S.A. conducting “grass roots” exploration over the Argentinian Puna region. During 2006/2007 Mariano worked as a Project Geologist in the Lindero-Arizaro project, a Cu-Au porphyry system located 16km to the southeast of R­o Grande. During this time he was responsible for logging and sampling diamond drill holes.

From middle 2007 until late 2008 Mariano worked as a Geologist for Condor Resources Inc participate in two drilling campaigns at projects placed in southern Chile and northern Peru.

From December 2009 to November 2011, Mariano worked for Silex Argentina S.A. (Golden Minerals Co.). The first three months in the exploration department, developing the northern part of The “El Q¼evar” Project. The last 21 months in Colque Exploraciones S.A. (also from Golden Minerals Co.). Mariano actively participated in many exploration campaigns along northwestern Argentina, La Rioja, San Juan and Santa Cruz provinces. Mariano was also involved in a drilling campaign at an epithermal Au-Ag deposit, 60km northwest from Cerro Vanguardia Mine.

Mariano joined Regulus Argentina S.A. in December of 2011 and since then he has been actively involved in geological mapping, core logging and supervision of sampling crews at Regulus Resources’ Rio Grande project.

Nelson Caram, B.Sc. Nelson Caram, B.Sc.

IT & GIS Administrator

Nelson Caram received a B.Sc. degree in System Analyses from the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral (Santa Cruz, Argentina) in 2002 and a postgraduate certificate in GIS from Girona University (Girona, Spain) in 2006.From 2001 to 2003, he worked as Senior Analyst in Disytel S.A where he was responsible for the analysis, design and programming for commercial software in different programming languages and engine databases such as: SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

From 2003 to May of 2007, He worked as GIS and Database Administrator in AngloGold Ashanti’s Cerro Vanguardia Mine. He was responsible for the analysis, design and maintenance of all GIS data and for the geological database (Century Systems) for Cerro Vanguardia’s exploration and geology department.

In May 2007, Nelson joined Minera Antares Argentina S.A. in the role of GIS and Systems Administrator. In December 2010, Nelson transferred to Regulus Resources Inc. and is responsible for overseeing all of Regulus’ IT, GIS and database related activities for Argentina.

Francisco Poodts, CPA Francisco Poodts, CPA

Administrative Manager

Francisco is a proactive and enthusiastic young man, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Universidad Cat³lica de Salta and is currently studying Business Administration at the same University. Francisco speaks two languages (Spanish- English) and can translate writings from Latin and Greek to Spanish and conversely.

Francisco worked in 2008 in InBOX Sistemas Inteligentes and then from 2009 to midyear 2010 as a touristic guide in Puma Expeditions. In 2011 he worked in Wicap S.A. General Services developing junior administrative tasks. Francisco joined Regulus Argentina S.A. in March 2012 as Administrative Manager.

Gustavo Avila Gustavo Avila

GIS, IT & Data Base Technician

Gustavo is a proactive and energetic Argentine technician with strong skills in technology, software implementation and data management.

Gustavo obtained a degree as Chemistry Technician in 1992 and immediately after that he worked at Pepsico’s local factory in northwestern Argentina. He also has undergraduate studies in Maths & System Analyses from the Universidad Nacional de Salta, in Salta Province, Argentina. As a self-motivated and creative person, Gustavo has designed and implemented different software for local institutions in Salta Province. From 2005 to 2007 he worked in Elite Security Group as Administrator of the Monitoring Informatics System.

Gustavo joined Minera Antares Argentina S.A. in early 2007 in the role of GIS, IT and Database Technician involved with the company’s Rio Grande project. In December 2010, Gustavo transferred to Regulus Resources Inc. where his responsibilities include upgrading and maintaining the geological, geotechnical, and drill-hole databases; and also the generation of geologic maps and sections with ArcGIS and Datamine software packages.