Corporate Fact Sheet

Adding Value Through Continued Discovery

Regulus Resources Inc. (TSX V.REG) is a well-funded Canadian exploration company lead by the former management of Antares Minerals Inc.; John E. Black, Kevin B. Heather and Mark Wayne. Regulus was created through the spin-out of the Rio Grande Cu-Au project in Argentina from Antares Minerals during the sale of Antares and the giant Haquira Cu-M-Au deposit in Peru to First Quantum Minerals (TSX.FM, UK FQM) in 2010 for approximately C$650 million. Regulus has recently acquired a new flagship project, the AntaKori Cu-Au-Ag project in northern Peru, by means of a friendly merger with Southern Legacy Minerals and is well positioned to repeat the previous success of Antares Minerals.

REG now has a strong portfolio of projects located in 5 countries. Three of these projects, including the flagship AntaKori Cu-Au-Ag project in Peru, have reportable resources as summarized in the following table.

Resource Category Tonnes Millions Au
(M ozs)
(B lbs)
(M ozs)
(M ozs)
(B lbs)
AntaKori Cu-Au-Ag
Inferred 294.8 0.36 0.48 10.2 3.40 3.1 93.3 12.81 5.1
Rio Grande Cu-Au
Indicated 55.3 0.36 0.34 4.4 0.64 0.4 7.8 1.81 0.7
Inferred 101.1 1.00 0.7 14.4 2.93 1.2
Puchuldiza Au
Inferred 30.1 0.71 0.69 0.69

Au EQ and Cu EQ were calculated using the following metal prices: Au = $US 1200 /oz, Cu = $US 3.00 /lb, Ag = $US 20 / oz


  • Antakori geologic database reconstructed and core relogged – completed by mid 2016
  • Antakori Community Relations team and strategy in place and engaged with stakeholders – 2016
  • Agreements with Tingo Community to initiate remediation work – agreements established in 2015,
    remediation work completed by the end of 2016 with post-closure monitoring to continue in 2017
  • Collaborative exploration agreements in place with neighbors – agreements completed with Minera
    Coimolache (Tantahuatay Mine) and Minera Colqurrumi in May 2016 – access to much larger area
  • 15-18,000m drilling program commenced at Antakori – April 2017
    Revised resource estimate – January 2018 target for completion
  • Re-evaluate strategy for Rio Grande and other Argentine projects in improved investment climate
  • Drilling program at Golden Brew JV in Nevada – delayed due to Sage Grouse Protection – mid 2017


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